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Mandø Country Trading

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Ordering - Payment - Delivery

All our lamb and beef cuts are sold by weight as with our other products. Send your request in by email stating the cuts and quantity you wish to order and we will calculate and send you a price.

Payments can be made by bank transfer or by Mobil Pay.

We prefer to dispatch orders on Mondays or Tuesdays.

We ship all refrigerated products in thermos boxes. We ship everywhere in Denmark - all packages will arrive the following day.

There’s free delivery on all orders over 600 kroner.

We can provide almost all cuts of lamb and beef. Our meats are also used to produce ham and salami etc. All work is carried out at Holsted butchers.

All our meat comes from Free-range animals, raised on Mandø grass and vegetation, giving it tenderness and taste of the highest quality.

Rå lammepostej

Lamb pate

Lamme yderlår

Leg cuts of lamb.


Ox Filet


Lamb chops


Ox salami


Lamb racks

Lammeskind, hvidt

Lamb skin (white)

Lammeskind, mørk

Lamb skin (dark)

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