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Guided Tour of Mandø Town

The round trip starts at Mandø Landhandel, Midtvej 7, Mandø

Maximum 25 persons.

The guided tour takes us through Mandø town where we'll learn about the towns history and development, it's people and commerce as well as Mandøs maritime history.

The guide will happily accommodate any special needs or wishes the group may have.

The tour lasts approx. 1 hour and 15 miutes and the whole trip covers about 1500 meters by foot.

Entrance to the Mandø museum, the towns mill and Mandø church are included in the price.

Price - Children (over 5 years): 50 Kr - Adults (over 12 years): 75 Kr

A brief history of Mandø:

Mandø was first mentioned in the journals of King Valdemars in 1231, but has existed long before that time. It is known that people lived in Mandø in the early 1300s. Record of Mandø Church can be found in 'Ribe Stift' a record of churches from 1340. The first village and church on Mandø lay in the area we now call Old Mandø. Old Mandø is the part of the island where one first arrives at after crossing the sea dykes from the mainland. Today, nothing remains of the former village apart from fields and meadows.

After a violent storm flooded Mandø town in 1558, the town was relocated to the northern most part of the island. The floodwaters divided Mandø into two parts during the so called "Store Lo" forcing the inhabitants to relocate to the south of the island.

The story goes that only seven men, employed as agricultural workers, survived the great flood. The storm forced them to find work over on the mainland and Fanø, but they soon returned. It is about this time the island became known as Mandø which can be translated to 'Man island'

Road link to the island:

The road link to the island (Låningsvejen) begins at Vester Vedsted on the mainland. It was completed in 1978 and leads us to an asphalt road "Riberampen" through the island heading towards Mandø town. In the event of flooding this road can be closed using planks and sandbags.

The road system on the island consists mainly of the main road through to Mandø Town and the dike road which circles the island as well as a few smaller roads running through the town.

The roads on Mandø are open to the public but must be used with caution during high tides. A smaller coastal road (Ebbevej) can only be used by tractors, which also transport mail, schoolchildren and tourists to and from the island.

Memories of Mandø ...

Hindebæger kaldet Mandø Lyng

Lavender, also known as Mandø heather

Mandø's store fårebestand

Mandø's omnipresent sheep population.


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